02 Extension Loom - FORD MUSTANG

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Suits Ford Mustang / Coyote

Our Oxygen Sensor Extension Looms are the answer for vehicles being fitted with an aftermarket exhaust system.

Most of the time the Catalytic converters on a sports system are located much further back than their factory position to make room for long tuned performance headers. This causes issues with the length of the factory wiring attached to the Oxygen sensor. Simply put, the factory lead is just too short.

Simply unplug the oxygen sensor from the harness and replace with our extension loom, which will now act as a double adaptor.

Our Extension Loom will provide another 300 mm of length to prevent cutting or soldering the standard wiring harness, which can cause issues!

Our extension looms are made from high quality materials and feature high gauge insulated inner wiring. Finally there is a heavy duty heat proof insulation sleeve that runs over the top to ensure absolute protection of the internal wiring.

All our plugs come with a multilayered rubber sealing gasket to ensure no foreign debris on the terminals.