Muffler - 'SKID SERIES' Centre / Centre Oval (2 x sizes)

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Racecraft Oval C/C Stainless Steel Fake Muffler

3.5" & 4" Versions

Body Dimensions - 350L x 255W x 130H

Introducing our 'Skid Series' Mufflers!

These Mufflers are specifically designed for Race, Track and Burnout cars which are required by rules to run mufflers. These mufflers have been constructed so that the internal tube is NON-perforated. This helps stop the build up of methanol in the muffler which can often cause flames and fires.

To the layman inspecting the vehicle from underneath, it looks EXACTLY like a normal muffler! Scrutineering will be satisfied that your vehicle is fitted with a muffler and you get the piece of mind that the chances of fires and flames at the back end of your car are drastically reduced.

'SKID SERIES' Mufflers are heavily packed with our signature high temp 'acoustic wool'. The reason for this is the cushioning properties that our packing offers against nasty vibrations.

Racecraft Mufflers are assembled using high end materials that not only make them durable but look like art!


- Dual sealed by our 'weld & rolled' design for ultimate strength and longevity

- Constructed from quality 304 Grade Stainless Steel

- Meticulously polished to a mirror finish

- Finished off end to end with perfectly machined spigots for precise installment of exhaust tube. There is absolutely no sloppiness when installing the exhaust tube into the muffler


Muffler - 'SKID SERIES' Centre / Centre Oval (2 x sizes)
Muffler - 'SKID SERIES' Centre / Centre Oval (2 x sizes)