Our Warehouse & Fabrication Workshop is in Perth, Western Australia. 

The most efficient way for us to assist you or answer queries and questions is via email or social media messaging. We trialed a phone number for a short time but were forced to close the service down due to high volume telemarketing calls from overseas and other such abuse. 

We always strive for same day despatch, however in some extreme cases it may take a couple of business days. We do not operate on weekends and neither do most of the courier services. 

Upon making a purchase online you are automatically sent confirmation and later shipping info once the picking and packaging is complete. The Tracking number can be found in the email you receive. 

Quite often the email client you are running can accidentally send our emails to your Spam/Junk Folders. It is always worth checking this before getting too worried. 

More often than not, when a multiple item order is packaged and prepared it has to be sent separately. A lot of our products are pre-packaged and will not all fit in one box. 

This usually means we don't currently make a system for your vehicle yet.

If you have browsed our shop and you cannot find your make or model then we currently do not make a system for that vehicle.

Yes! We love fabricating custom exhausts. Once you know what size and how loud or quiet you would like it simply hit us up.

Yes! There is no way of knowing how something custom made will fit a vehicle without that vehicle.

How long is a piece of string? :) Its a common yet frustrating question. What material? Mild Steel, Stainless Steel? What grade Stainless Steel? 304, 409, 316? Twin or Single System? What size tube? How many mufflers? Cat-back or Full System? Full System including custom Headers? This is DEFINITELY a case where more information is best!