Warranty Policy

Racecraft Australia Products are guaranteed to be free of defects in material and construction for a period of 12 months from the received date. In the unlikely event that an issue arises, you must contact us immediately to lodge a claim. Racecraft Mufflers & Resonators are designed to last to the test of time given they are correctly installed and are given plenty of ground clearance. Electric operated products have a physical warranty but no warranty is granted on the electric motors & components themselves. If electric items are defective upon first use then we need to be notified immediately! 

Racecraft exhaust accessories such as flanges are also guaranteed to last the test of time given correct use and maintenance. V-Band clamps are strictly covered for the first Month of usage. V-bands should not be secured in conjunction with any power tools nor should they exceed a 'hand tight' amount of torque. Threads should be cleaned and lubricated with each use (use meaning removal and fitment). Issues with V-Band Clamps can and will be looked at on a case to case format.

Items or components that are considered high wear such as exhaust rubbers & hangers are excluded from warranty

Warranty is void should a product be modified in any way which is deemed to hinder its structural strength and/or working capabilities.

Deterioration though normal wear and tear, prolonged exposure to harsh or extreme conditions can affect the final outcome.

Photographs of the product(s) may be required before pursuing a return.

Racecraft Australia's responsibility for any loss or damages related to our products from misuse or otherwise, shall not exceed in any circumstances the original cost of the product to the original purchaser.

ALL Items ordered via Free Shipping do not include transport insurance.