Electric Sound Controlled Muffler 3"

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The perfect option for someone who wants the best of both worlds!

Tranform from unassuming and quiet to loud and angry at the touch of a button!

Unlike many other sound controlled Mufflers on the market, ours is not an electric vacuum operated valve but is a true electric motor setup. The motor itself is specifically designed for use under high temperature environments.

Once closed the Exhaust gases are diverted around an elbow and through our compact yet heavily packed Muffler. The inlet pipe when in "quiet mode" is also reduced. This will cause some back pressure increase and will allow the heavy packing to do its job.

When the user engages the "Free Flow" Mode, the electric butterfly opens up and the exhaust gases are given a straight through path. Not only does the volume and note go up but the back pressure is all but eliminated and the potential for more free flowing horsepower is immediately given to your engine!

Constructed from 304T Grade Stainless Steel

Body Dimensions  - 25cm L x 22cm W x 14.5cm H

Inlet/Outlet - 3" OD (perfect for a V-Band clamp)

Purchase includes the Electric Muffler along with the wiring kit.

Wiring kit consists of Loom, Sender/Reciver Unit, Numerous Cable Ties for neat and trouble free installation. Along with 2 x Remote Controls.

 Save Money with our 'TWIN PACK' Option!

Electric Sound Controlled Muffler 3"
Electric Sound Controlled Muffler 3"
Electric Sound Controlled Muffler 3"