Our Story

Racecraft was born with one mission in mind.

Become the "One Stop Shop" for your Automotive Exhaust & Accessory needs with a clear focus on budget & quality.

Free Flowing




The more efficiently an engine removes exhaust gases, the easier it becomes to make more power. This is what separates a good muffler from a great muffler! All our mufflers once began as prototypes with various internal modifications along the way. Our philosophy is simple. If one particular design does not make power then we make changes until it does. We pride ourselves on R&D to produce the most restriction-free mufflers on the market.

We understand that although Mufflers have a job to do, this does not mean they have to look bland. All Racecraft Mufflers are produced using high end 304 Grade stainless steel. There are other brands out there that use similar grades of material to us, however, what separates Racecraft products from the rest is we choose to take things to the next level. Every muffler is meticulously polished to a mirror finish. Our logo is also laser etched into the centre of the body so you can rest assured that you have an authentic Racecraft Muffler. Pride is taken in maintaining a quality weld on each product. What you are left with is a work of art!

No muffler would be complete without giving your ears something beautiful to listen to. Racecraft Mufflers feature our signature hi-temp acoustic wool which is one of the major factors in producing the aggressive, deep note that we are known for. Internally, our mufflers are designed to keep high flowing characteristics while allowing the exiting gas to expand and produce the wonderful symphony you hear.

Our products are deisgned to fit without issue. Whether the spigot ends on the Mufflers or the Inlets on our 4-1 Merge Collectors. We pride ourselves on this precision fit as many other brands have a ‘sloppy’ fit when inserting exhaust tube. This in turn leaves a gap which needs to be filled. Not ideal on any exhaust custom system.