VE / VF Header & Cat-Converter Combo

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VE & VF Commodores (V8 LS)

WM Statesman/Caprice/Grange

Sedan, Wagon & Ute

Manual & Automatic

This combo kit includes the following

  • Pacemaker 4-1 Headers (choice of 1 7/8" or 1 3/4")
  • Racecraft Bolt-On Cat Converter for direct fit to a Pacemaker Exhaust System (X-force & Manta version coming soon)
  • Choice of Euro4 or Euro2 spec Cat
  • LS Manifold Gaskets
  • Header Studs
  • Oxygen Sensor Extension Harness

We are offering the Euro4 Cat for no extra charge at present. Though a higher CEL count than the cheaper options this Cat converter has been deigned to allowed for optimal flow by enlarging the body half an inch either side to increase the substrate surface area. In essence, you are getting the same high flow characteristics of a low spec Cat while still hitting your emissions standards. It is also worth noting that these Cat's have been tested on numerous high horsepower VE & VF Commodores without any signs of added restriction.

***As above, these Cat's do NOT fit anything other than a Pacemaker System. We are in the process of releasing Cat's which will bolt onto X-Force, Manta & Diffilippo System using the same Headers as above.